Watching つみきのいえ reminded me of one of my little hobbies I’m occupied with when I feel like it, which is cubeecraft. They are downloadable and printable models/toys of various things, like Darth Vader from Star Wars, Totoro from となりのトトロ, and the Companion Cube from Half Life. I found the cube-like figures rather hilarious, and perfect for people who like models of tv/movie characters.

According to the sites’ FAQ, cubeecraft could also be considered art;

Is Cubeecraft art?

This body of work is a paper based “installation” functioning as an interactive community project; self coined “Cubeecraft”. “Cubee”, pronounced “kyoob-ee”, takes “cube”, the geometric form underlying each design, and adds “ee” to denote the cutification and miniaturization of each subject. “Craft” describes the handmade approach to my premise and its relation to the ancient and modern practices of paper-craft generally.

The subject matter of each Cubee is heavily grounded in the subset of pop culture sometimes referred to as “geek culture”; each piece personifying concepts spanning from classical literature to the newest video game. Originally inspired by commercial package design, I fine tuned the Cubees structure for over a year in advance of launching it to the public. Cubees are meant to be quick and user friendly.

Download-able and easy to assemble, the Cubees are an internationally shared project. Popular in Brazil, sold (without permission or commission) on the streets in Thailand, used in classrooms in Japan and in American Ikea displays, “Cubeecraft” appeals to a visceral need to build, and a cultural need to represent our ideas in abbreviated fashion.

Or, in not so many words – yes.”

All in all, I think that cubeecraft is fun and easy to make, and any geek like me would like at least one on their shelf :)

left: cubeecraft darth vader, right: star wars revenge of sith poster

left: cubeecraft darth vader, right: star wars revenge of sith poster



Recently, one of my friends I met through Oyun Mühendisi made me watch this video, which is a Japanese short named つみきのいえ (Tsumiki no ie / La Maison en Petits Cubes / “The House of Small Cubes”) directed by Kunio Kato. This certain animated short also won an Academy Award this year, it was nominated with one of my favorite animated shorts, Oktapodi (which I will post sometime later) I had thought that  I think anybody interested in animation should watch it, because the animation technique, the music, the sound and the story is certainly very intruiging indeed. (It also made me sob for awhile)

Etching Workshop

Last week I attended a workshop that was given by Prof. Paolo Laudisa from Rome University of Fine Arts, and my language of drawing instructor Wieslaw Zaremba about etching. It was rather intruiging and I learned a lot about the history of etching and the different techniques of etching as well. We were also taken to the FASS Art Gallery Exhibition by both Prof. Paolo Laudisa and Wieslaw Zaremba, to see Prof. Paolo Laudisa’s works, some partially made by the etching technique. I now know that etching can prove very useful for an artist and I really hope to learn more in the future.

Here’s the poster of the workshop:

Etching Workshop Poster

Etching Workshop Poster

yapışkan insanlar – with paragraph

yapışkan insanlar

yapışkan insanlar

I aligned the paragraph with the word “yapışkan”, and I don’t think it looks very tiring. Apparently Illustrator doesn’t save the canvas in its original size while converting into jpeg. So I guess everytime I start with something, I guess I need to make a blank rectangle for the white spaces to show as well, otherwise it looks quite meaningless. I will edit all of my past homeworks as well as this one very soon.

[Edit] I edited this one and it’s better now…

yabanmersini reçeli

yabanmersini reçeli - gerçek bir lezzet

yabanmersini reçeli - gerçek bir lezzet

I originally wanted to do much more with this one, and honestly, I should have, and my instructor also noticed this apparent fact and stated that this looked like a “work in progress”. So, the original idea was to write the “gerçek bir lezzet” in another font, but I realized that my fonts were very disorganized, which really shouldn’t be an excuse. Anyway, the thing I learned from this bad work, is that there is a program to organize fonts, named “Suitcase Fusion” by Extensis. It’s for both mac and windows users, and users could set font sets and hide/unhide them while doing their work, and the program also has a display so the user could view the font as well. So I guess I liked the program and I guess it will be very useful indeed.