Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet is a restaurant where the interior design is like a bathroom. The one I visited was in Taipei, Ximending, a shopping district, but more branches exist in Taiwan, and I believe there is a branch in Hong Kong as well. The tables are in fact, bathtubs with glass tops; and the chairs are toilet seats. Moreover, they make the food look like… well… poo. Here are some photos (click on the photo to see more photos) that I (and my sister – as I can’t take a photo of myself while concentrating on my poo-shaped ice cream) took. Just so you know, I didn’t have a good camera at that time.

modern toilet
outside modern toilet

2 thoughts on “Modern Toilet

  1. I thought you were using similes, but you were talking about a real restaurant after all! :) This is creative but I’m not sure if it’s appetizing. How did you find the place?

    • I saw it in one of the Taiwanese online newspapers and decided to go at my next visit :D I didn’t eat dinner there, because my mom and sister were quite grossed out. I thought it was fun :D The down side was, the toilets weren’t especially out of the ordinary. I would have expected that happen. Anyway, next time I go (I’m definitely going to go again) I think I’ll try one of their main dishes.

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