Dexigner is an online portal for designers which gives a lot of information about the recent/ongoing events, competitions, news and much more. I think it is a great success. I came across the site while I was looking for a poster I saw in a Taipei Metro billboard.



A Nikon D3 cut in half

Recently, someone posted this from tokyobling, in the photography newsgroup of Sabancı University and I think it is pretty good, since you don’t see a camera cut in half lying around. Here are two of the photos posted in tokyobling, which is a blog that posts about design as well.

From the air…

Rhett Dashwood is a Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including interactive, animation, branding, print, film making and digital art.

Rhett has worked with the following studios and agencies during his 8 years in the industry: Spin, Emery Studio, Tribal DDB, AKQA, and many more.

He is currently Director of Wade residing in Melbourne.

As a member of the creative industry, Rhett has presented at seminars and has been featured in various publications. Rhett is also the founder of Heavy Backpack, an online resource of the best creative works in art, design and moving image.

He has an interesting project, which is a compilation of images that are screenshots of aerial view found in Google Maps, that look like letters.. I guess most people have seen this somewhere, but I am happy to post it for the people who haven’t.

Rhett Dashwood from Australias Google Type Project

Rhett Dashwood from Australia's Google Type Project

environmentally friendly pizza box design

This pizza box is designed by environmentally conscious organization, inc. which produces innovative green packaging solutions.

They claim that the pizza box design has remained unchanged for the past thirty years. They add that for the customers, the box is too unwieldy to store uneaten pizza and takes up too much space in the trash can and is totally environmentally unfriendly. The Green Box is manufactured from 100% recycled material and is environmentally friendly.

Here is the video introducing the Green Box.


My friend Pınar İnci told me about Nam, which is a Japanese graphic collective.

According to their website, currently, over ten artists from various backgrounds are belonging to “Nam”. They are searching for possibilities in the world of visual arts, and exploring the art based on their theme “A fantasy in life”.

I think their work is captivating. See more in their blog.




nam in feature

nam in feature

Honey & Bloom

Honey & Bloom is a design company that makes graphic prints, pattern designs, typographic works, custom invitations, stationary sets and much more. I really liked their way of using color and typography. Plus, I found them over at the awesome design blog The Strange Attractor too…

One of the Honey & Bloom design companys typographic works

One of the Honey & Bloom design companys' typographic works

Nature cards from Honey & Bloom

Nature cards from Honey & Bloom

Another typographic work by Honey & Bloom

Another typographic work by Honey & Bloom

Seeing color by Honey & Bloom

"Seeing color" by Honey & Bloom