street fighter IV

On 25-26 April, I went to Ankara for Metucon, the annual FRP event of ODTÜ‘s FRP club, ODTÜ BKFT. I know people generally tend to think that Ankara is quite boring, and I agree, but I love the arcade there (not the arched passageway-type arcade, the video game type : D ) called “Fantasy Land” (which isn’t a good name, but who cares?)

The point is, last year they didn’t have the Street Fighter IV (by CAPCOM) consoles, but this time there were 3 or 4 of them, and the big LCD screens really make a difference and watching the watercolor effect trailers on those screens while nobody is playing is a very very good feeling. I loved the trailers and I want to share them (those which I could find in good enough quality – try watching them in high definition, click the HD button below) here :) Enjoy the art!


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