Corporate Identity Project – Chinese Restaurant Chain

My suggestion for the corporate identity project of my course VA 301, Project Studio I, is a Chinese Restaurant chain in Turkey.

I am aware that this project might seem very personal, but in fact I also know that the Turkish society is very much satisfied with the “Oriental” look of the few Chinese restaurants in Turkey, and I guess it will be very much interesting to design a system for something “eastern” instead of a fastfood restaurant. And I guess that being more familiar with other types of typographic systems and making research about other cultures is important.

I think that the Chinese Restaurant chain name should be “Chopsticks”, in fact, a very classic name for a Chinese restaurant because it can be easily translated to Turkish, and even more easier to use in Chinese.

Items for commercial use could be fancy stationary, chopsticks, t-shirts, green tea cups, etc.

If this doesn’t get selected with the voting system we will apply in class, I think I will initiate this project later in the year, just to see if I can do it nicely.


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