Clustering Layouts

Here are my clustering layouts for the VA 302 course. Please click to enlarge.

On a side note, the gray areas are for the page area reference, for myself. The hairlines and the cyan lines, plus the grids are all for reference. Please think of the layout without them.


4 thoughts on “Clustering Layouts

  1. i agree with deniz, so to say it’s very interesting, however in addition it will be difficult to insert text in a triangular shape. Clearly you have developed some level of page design system, you can try more traditional layouts but also try to improve this style further.

    • Thanks for the feedback. You are quite right, of course it proves to be very hard to insert triangular text for the menu. I did not really like to use a traditional layout style for the menu at all, but I guess I don’t have much options. ^^

  2. very interesting layout. they look good this way at first sight, with black boxes, but it won’t work well with real headlines and text in my opinion. you seem to have discovered a grid that is by itself dynamic and interesting, so it is difficult to judge what you did afterwards – which, I suspect, is a little too cramped. I would recommend you not to get stuck with this and to practice with more traditional layouts, for you and us to see how you really do with clustering – trust me, you will need that practice.

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