Working at the Pera Museum, the Japan Media Arts Festival and Maywa Denki’s Otamatone

Remember my post about the Pera Museum? Well guess what, I have been working there under the Japan Media Arts Festival for two weeks now, therefore I haven’t had much free time to update here, but it has been wonderful. You should definitely drop by if you are in Istanbul because it will definitely be worth it. I work at the fifth floor, where all the interactive media art works are, to guide some people who have a hard time understanding what’s going on, and are reluctant to touch some of the works. I still have one week left (or three days, which makes today – oopsie, it’s already 2 A.M.!, wednesday and friday, I’m there from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M.) so drop by if you want to see me AND the exhibitions. I figured I would have seen more familiar faces, but so far, apart from the friends I dragged along, I only saw one of the assistants from college and some celebrities that I didn’t recognize but was told later on who they were (why am I so bad with faces? WHY?)

Ahem. So I’ll tell you my favorite work at the exhibition which is the Otamatone by the Maywa Denki corporation. Before I started working in the museum, I attended the seminars (because I wanted to, I hadn’t even seen the job posting at the time) where the artists introduced their works so that helped a lot while answering questions. I saw the guy who invented the otamatone and he was an adorable person. So basically the otamatone is a music-note shaped cute toy/musical instrument where the stem of the note is the handle of the instrument, the head of the note is actually… a head, and the flag of the note is a rotatable piece. This all sounds really confusing, but to sum it up:

Behold, the otamatone! To play this very cute instrument, you have to use two hands. While pressing on the touchpad on the handle, you have to squeeze the cheeks of the head so that the mouth will open and a high pitched or bass sound will be played through the small speaker inside the head. The notes start with Do from the top. You do have to press on the cheeks or there will  be no sound at all. I find this ingenious and adorable at the same time. And today for the first time, I have looked at the price through, and the price of this black otamatone is *drumroll please* – only 35.95$! I was expecting it to be over 70$ so I guess this is pretty decent. There are a lot of different versions of the otamatone, the black one being my favorite. There is also a white version, and another version with a face consisting of teeth (the black one has a silver colored handle while the white one has a gold colored one). You could purchase one from this link.

Anyway, you could play with them for free (once you pay for the museum ticket) as long as you want on the fifth floor of the museum. The exhibition will continue until the 3rd of October, so be sure to pay a visit before it’s over.

More updates soon!


Update from my life + Pera Museum

Lately I have been busy with my internship in a printing house. It’s a nice place hidden in a queer neighborhood, the place is in the middle of the city but nobody really knew how to get there and I got lost 4 times on my second day (the first day I had hired a cab) but well, when you learn how to get there the rest is easy. Oh and I have learned a lot from my internship so far.

Last weekend I went to the Botero exhibition in the Pera Museum with my mother, and it was quite interesting but not as interesting as the exhibitions downstairs from the Suna and İnan Kıraç collection. One was of the panaromas of İstanbul and other nice portraits of women and royal life. There was also a replica of the Tamer of tortoises (Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi) which my mother took a liking to since she first saw its photo many years ago. The other exhibition was of the various types of weighing systems, and there were a lot of weights from Roman Antiquity to Byzantium period weights to Ottoman then modern weights and so, there was one shaped like the head of Heracles (or Hercules), another looking  like a 12-sided die which we use to play FRP and much more. There was also a pretty sundial which I liked, and next time I’ll be sure to bring my camera with me, because they were so pretty ^^

By the way, entering the Pera Museum is only 3 liras for students and 5 liras per person for other people. So it’s quite cheap and worth paying for to see those wonderful collections.

Seems like what we are trying to do

I found a video and photographs from an installation named “Disturb me Brussels”, which was a one-time event for plastic whitehotel brussels.

It really looks fun, and it is a bit similar to the installation we are planning for my course called Interaction Design, VA444. Me and my project group will be making an installation using different projectors on different walls, and we will be connecting the images and designing the visuals as well.

Here are the photos from the installation:

and here is the video:

The LOST Underground Art Project

It’s surprising to know how many people are addicted to the show LOST. There was even a LOST underground art project, presented by Ronie Midfew Arts and Damon Carlton in Gallery 1988. Here are some of the contemporary artworks from the show that I liked. You can view more on the shows’ blog.

Scott Campbell "LOST Showdowns (1)" watercolor on archival paper 5 x 5 inches each, framed $350.00 each SOLD

Scott Campbell "LOST Showdowns (2)" watercolor on archival paper 5 x 5 inches each, framed $350.00 each ONLY 1 STILL AVAILABLE - 3rd row down, middle Showdown - Ethan vs. Claire

64 Colors $500.00 - SOLD

Ralph Cosentino "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" gouache on board 9.75 x 7.75 inches, framed $700.00 - SOLD

Jeremy Asher Lynch "Ellie Is Lost With The Others" acrylic on canvas 18 x 36 inches $1,200.00

Wade Schin "Hurley" one-of-a-kind sculpture approx. 5 inches tall, off base $815.00 - SOLD

Wade Schin "Locke" one-of-a-kind sculpture approx. 5 inches tall off base $815.00

Edwin Ushiro "State Of Something Fading Into Nothing" mixed media on paper 13.37 x 21.25 inches, framed $1,516.00

Danielle Buerli "Freckles" sculpture and mixed media 11 x 9 inches, in box $600.00 - SOLD

Ken Garduno "L" acrylic-ink and wash on paper 12.25 x 14.75 inches, framed $500.00

Ken Garduno "O" acrylic-ink and wash on paper 12.25 x 14.75 inches, framed $500.00

Ken Garduno "S" acrylic-ink and wash on paper 12.25 x 14.75 inches, framed $500.00

Ken Garduno "T" acrylic-ink and wash on paper 12.25 x 14.75 inches, framed $500.00

Julian Callos "No Man Is An Island" ink, acrylic and gouache on watercolor paper 12 x 12 inches, framed $480.00 - SOLD

Dan May "The Polar Bear Conundrum" acrylic on panel 14 x 16 inches $1,200.00

Edwin Ushiro "A Muffled Concept Of What We Considered Ubiquitous" mixed media on paper 29.25 x 21.25 inches, framed $2,342.00 - SOLD

Carlos Ramos "What Kate Did" cel vinyl on wood 18 x 24 inches $1,000.00

Carlos Ramos "The Swan" cel vinyl on wood 24 x 24 inches $1,200.00 - SOLD

Graffiti on Facebook

Do you know about the application named Graffiti on Facebook? If you don’t, then you should. It’s really a very simple application where you have limited space, a circular brush, and a colour palette, and all you can do is change the brush size, colour, and opacity. You could also replay the process of making, for any picture that is made, and it’s quite interesting to see how people use the brush. Recently, there was a competition named Posters/Wall Art, and the winners are here. My personal favorite is the one with the windmill, which I had also voted for.

Andrea Bills

Geoffroy Richer-Lalonde

Danny Dongwook Kwon

Richard Tetlow

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Announced

2009″ Taiwan International Poster and CI Design Award” was sponsored by the Department of Commerce, MOEA, endorsed by ICOGRADA and JAGDA. More than 1,750 design works were submitted from 41 different countries and regions. On the 26th of September, 2009, 10 well-known local and international judges worked together to find out the top works. The judging panel consists of both foreign guests and local talents. Foreign guests include Markus Busges from Germany, Martin Woodtli for Switzerland, Freeman Lau from Hong Kong, Connie Birdsall from the United States, Taku Satoh from Japan, Carlo Giannasca from Australia. Director of Arts of Y&P Design , Wenping Hsiao, Director of Operating Committee in BBDO Taiwan Advertising Co., Teddy Ho, Art Director of Lemon Yellow Design Company, Tsung-Hung Su and Art Director of Feng Geh Image Design, Jeff Liao.

The competition is divided into the Taiwan International Poster Design Award and the Taiwan International CI Design Award. A total of 232 works were selected (27 award winners and 205 specially selected entries). The awards cover 4 categories and 3 sections which include the Grand Prize, the ICOGRADA Excellence Award, the JAGDA Excellence Award, special theme (focusing on the harmonious relationship between human and nature),free style (focusing on commercial and campaign use), CI and dynamic identity. A judge’s special award and a Taiwan International CI Design-New Talent Award are granted in addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.”

Here are some award winners:

Sameister Stefan, Grand Prize Winner, with the "Levi’s , ButtonFly" work

洪駿業, JAGDA Excellence Award Winner

費國鏡, Type A Silver Medal Winner. "Stop Global Warming"

See the complete list of awards here.

Bach in Istanbul

I really wanted to go to one of the subevents of “Bach in Istanbul” by Hakan Erdoğan Productions for the “Istanbul 2010, European Capital Culture“, but I think the fee was too pricey. (Students need to pay 30 TL, the other tickets range from 100 TL to 50 TL.) I loved the poster though. The tickets are still available in biletix, and the last event is on the 25th of October.