key events in the history of computing

Here is the booklet I designed for the subject of key events in the history of computing. Made for my advanced typography class, VA 424, originally derived from the subject of a course I had taken in the Spring term of 2007-2008, Murat Germen‘s VA 210, introduction to multimedia. Here are some of the sample pages from the booklet (click on them to view larger) and you could download the whole PDF from here


understanding the grid system of other books

Again, another additional homework for my project studio class, this time another way to make people understand the grid system of found books and magazines, implying that there is a grid even if it doesn’t seem like it.

I didn’t want to scan my books because I don’t want to destroy their spines. So I took photos, some of them are a bit blurry, but the thumbnails should be fine, and I hope that is okay.

All books, magazines and artworks shown have their own copyrights! I do not own any of the rights, and I am not using these for commercial purposes, I am not distributing them, and I will not upload any of the original scans (in this case, photos) anywhere.

Territorial Self Portrait

Here’s my photography homework, territorial self portrait. My intention was making a circle or hexagon with my head in the center of it, and my arms protruding from everywhere in different actions but it didn’t quite turn out that way because;

1. I didn’t have enough subject matter

2. I couldn’t set my tripod high enough so I had to get help from mom – who is much shorter than me and she had to use a ladder. Seriously.

3. Even though I checked the light several times, checked the angle at every shot and instructed mom how to take the picture, she didn’t quite do it as I wanted it to be.. I can’t blame her though.

So, anyway, my favorite shot is the one with my dog, Miki. Here is the whole thing and the one with Miki:


Corporate Identity Project – Chinese Restaurant Chain

My suggestion for the corporate identity project of my course VA 301, Project Studio I, is a Chinese Restaurant chain in Turkey.

I am aware that this project might seem very personal, but in fact I also know that the Turkish society is very much satisfied with the “Oriental” look of the few Chinese restaurants in Turkey, and I guess it will be very much interesting to design a system for something “eastern” instead of a fastfood restaurant. And I guess that being more familiar with other types of typographic systems and making research about other cultures is important.

I think that the Chinese Restaurant chain name should be “Chopsticks”, in fact, a very classic name for a Chinese restaurant because it can be easily translated to Turkish, and even more easier to use in Chinese.

Items for commercial use could be fancy stationary, chopsticks, t-shirts, green tea cups, etc.

If this doesn’t get selected with the voting system we will apply in class, I think I will initiate this project later in the year, just to see if I can do it nicely.