So my friend Pınar showed me a pretty good wallpaper website, and I am sure you’ll like it. The wallpapers are in good quality, and here are two I downloaded – I made Yotsuba-chan my wallpaper and Hatsune Miku my google background. (oh and yes, you can change your google page background by clicking on the text “Change background image” on the lower left of the page)



I recently bought (and immediately read and finished) Clover as a collected full edition, which is by the manga artists group CLAMP. I do not want to give any more spoilers than the back cover, so here’s the synopsis from the back cover itself:

“Kazuhiko is a young, but already deeply wounded, black-ops agent of a baroque, retro-tech world-pulled out of retirement to escort Sue, a mysterious waif, to a destination she alone knows. Sue and Kazuhiko have never met… yet she knows him, having grown up since the age of four with her only human contact being two distant voices: that of her elderly “grandma” – Kazuhiko’s commander, general Ko; and that of Kazuhiko’s dead girlfriend, the beautiful singer Ora.

And Sue has been kept in that cage all these years because of what she is, and what the Clover Leaf Project found her to be: a military top secret…and the most dangerous person in the world.”

I think the artwork is amazing, well of course coming from CLAMP, that was expected already :) The ISBN of the book I bought is 978-1-59582-196-6

Here are some pieces of art from the manga:

Here is the music video made for Clover, don’t watch it if you don’t want any spoilers, although it doesn’t give much away it can make the reader unpleasant to know about one or two details..

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is over, at least the anime ended. I haven’t read the manga yet, so I can’t compare if the storyline of the anime was consistent with the manga at all. The ending was not disappointing as well. I think that the illustration and animation was exceptionally good for an anime, and that the sun and moon designs were truly interesting in this anime.

Shibusen, school for weapons and meisters

Shibusen, school for weapons and meisters

The moon from Soul Eater

The moon from Soul Eater