Making Future Magic: IPad light painting

Check this out: making 3D texts, making an iPad display it slowly from the side, and shooting them in long exposure with a camera, by the group called Dentsu London. Not exactly what I would call genius, but a pretty damn good idea for light painting ^^ I love their concept and their name, “Making Future Magic“.



I haven’t been online for awhile. I am in London!!! It’s so exciting because I can get to see my dear friend Iris (she says meow) whom I met during a Buddhist university chinese summer camp which included a lot of sports, language classes, “voluntary” work, and the lousy dorm where we were roommates with cockroaches. And of course, to see London –  a lot of paintings, sculptures, buildings, clock towers, bridges etc etc to die for! Sooo. I’ve been to the British Museum, Madame Tussauds, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts (where they have a very interesting exhibition at the moment – the Real Van Gogh: the Artist and his letters), the Houses of Parliament (and Big Ben), Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Chinatown at Leicester Square (like 3 times – Asian food!), London Zoo, the Aquarium, Harrods.. I love London so far and I find the metro/subway – which they call the tube (officially Underground) very amusing.

I will update with more photos I took when I go back home, which will be like after the 9th of February.

Brano Hlavac

I love Bruno Hlavac‘s work. I know him since I saw him on popwhore, and I love how he blends art, photography, typography and graphic design. To fully understand what I’m talking about, visit his site, but below are some of my favorite samples of his artwork.

the goldfish protection

cover girl

three phases of genesis


digital amor



injured black rose

memories of sphinx

JulieM on redbubble

The user JulieM on redbubble does wonderful wildlife photography. She lives in Australia and she’s 60 years old. I don’t think she has a blog or a website though, or I couldn’t find it (despite being the google queen :P).  Here are some of my favorite photographs that she took:

Territorial Self Portrait

Here’s my photography homework, territorial self portrait. My intention was making a circle or hexagon with my head in the center of it, and my arms protruding from everywhere in different actions but it didn’t quite turn out that way because;

1. I didn’t have enough subject matter

2. I couldn’t set my tripod high enough so I had to get help from mom – who is much shorter than me and she had to use a ladder. Seriously.

3. Even though I checked the light several times, checked the angle at every shot and instructed mom how to take the picture, she didn’t quite do it as I wanted it to be.. I can’t blame her though.

So, anyway, my favorite shot is the one with my dog, Miki. Here is the whole thing and the one with Miki: