Graphic Design Posters to help aid Japan

I guess we were all shocked because of the earthquake last week. I spent many hours worrying about relatives that live in places where the tsunami was possibly headed after the disaster in north-east Japan.

Here are some posters that were released after the earthquake to raise awareness or funds to help the people in their time of need.

Help Japan poster by James White (profits donated to help relief efforts in Japan. While the poster is currently sold out, James White is planning to release a second batch.)


Graphic designer Max Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedy has designed this screen-printed poster to raise money for disaster relief following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan at the end of last week. Purchase this poster here.

Fukushima Mon Amour designed by Yossi Lemel.


Daniel Freytag and Editions of 100 are offering this poster in memorial of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. “We will donate 100% of all proceeds to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. For more information visit the British Red Cross website.


Help Japan poster designed by H-57 studio.


Lend a Hand to Japan poster designed by Ryan Hageman.



Marius Bauer

Marius Bauer is a very talented designer/illustrator who has fascinating vector work. Here are some samples of his work, and more on his behance portfolio.

Jerrod Maruyama

When I saw the cutest Woody and Buzz illustration in fresh characters, I just had to find out about more illustrations by the same person. Jerrod Maruyama has a range of very cute illustrations and Disney fanart as well.

The Science Fiction Collection

I love this poster I saw on designyoutrust. If you wonder what the colors mean, the robots are gray, the aliens green, and the vehicles are white. Gotta love the randomness too.

Spot ET, Bender, Wall-e and Marvin the Martian :D