Three Panel Soul

Three Panel Soul is a webcomic illustrated by Ian McConville, and written by Matt Boyd. I think this webcomic is a really good one because they try conveying a certain feeling with only three panels. The original comic was called Mac Hall, but apparently the site was hacked, and they moved it to Three Panel Soul.

This one is one of the older ones, and by far one of my favorites:



TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, browser-based to-do app and the first collaboration between studio-mates swissmiss and Fictive Kin .

The idea was to build a bare-bones, but visually compelling and highly usable to-do app.

Features include:

– week overview
– check off done tasks
– delete tasks
– move tasks
– someday bucket”

    Here’s the introduction video for TeuxDeux.


    Consollection features a great gallery of video-console, from Pong to the Wii. A nice overview of original designs and packagings, also available as printed book. I love how the site’s homepage is designed like a typology study.


    I had mentioned iGoogle (Google’s customizable page) in one of my previous posts, when trying to find a layout style for keşfekeder, which was an unlaunched project for VA 301 suggested by my friend Ezgi.

    I use the tea house theme for my own iGoogle, which I think is wonderful because it changes all the time. I love foxes and the illustration of this particular fox is amazingly cute. Plus it changes during the day. Check this out:














    You might have noticed the spirits there at 03:14 who eat the oranges which are offerings, they are some kind of a Yōkai which are a class of preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore ranging from the evil oni (ogre) to the mischievous kitsune (fox) or snow woman Yuki-onna.

    Want to know a bit more about Yōkai? Check out this post on my blog named Traces of Visual History.


    RedBubble is an open and inclusive website where you can share your art, photography and design with the world.

    I think RedBubble is much more professional than sites like deviantart (which I still like very much, because of part of its community) and hosts numerous artists and designers. My account there is sunberry, although I haven’t uploaded any work yet (I will, when my laptop decides to work a bit more faster..)

    I love juliem‘s work from RedBubble, and will post about her later.