Scrabble Délire: The Block Project

If you still haven’t seen the advertisement for Scrabble‘s new game, Scrabble Delirium, you should definitely watch it. I liked it despite the fact that the costumes could have been much better. But we know that they did spend time and effort on it since they decorated around 60 rooms in an empty building from scratch. Anyway, it’s fun to watch ^^

According to the Inspiration Room, “Mattel has launched Scrabble Délire in France, an enhanced version of the word game with new rules allowing for delirium. The game allows for writing words backwards, using proper names and writing a word anywhere in the grid. The new game is being promoted with a short film, “Scrabble Délire”, in which an empty apartment block becomes the source of much entertainment for a gathering crowd below. A brass band, a man in gold lycra, gorilla, pink princesses, Gulliver, a dragon, a clown, policemen, and Solo.”

Found in bigumigu, which is a pretty nice blog for turkish artists and designers.



Samsung ad – A guide to taking better pictures… of yourself

Samsung‘s advertisement is quite popular on facebook, so you might have seen it. But I think the advertisement is ingenious :D So in case you haven’t seen it, or want to watch it again;


I was looking at the Smirnoff website (looking for my favourite, Smirnoff North, actually) when I came across this advertisement, which I thought was interesting and well rendered in terms of animation. The website looks quite good, and it would have been better if it wasn’t so incomplete. There are barely any complete parts of the website, that does actually include text where it should be.

Smirnoff North

Smirnoff North - my favourite drink