Update from my life + Pera Museum

Lately I have been busy with my internship in a printing house. It’s a nice place hidden in a queer neighborhood, the place is in the middle of the city but nobody really knew how to get there and I got lost 4 times on my second day (the first day I had hired a cab) but well, when you learn how to get there the rest is easy. Oh and I have learned a lot from my internship so far.

Last weekend I went to the Botero exhibition in the Pera Museum with my mother, and it was quite interesting but not as interesting as the exhibitions downstairs from the Suna and İnan Kıraç collection. One was of the panaromas of İstanbul and other nice portraits of women and royal life. There was also a replica of the Tamer of tortoises (Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi) which my mother took a liking to since she first saw its photo many years ago. The other exhibition was of the various types of weighing systems, and there were a lot of weights from Roman Antiquity to Byzantium period weights to Ottoman then modern weights and so, there was one shaped like the head of Heracles (or Hercules), another looking  like a 12-sided die which we use to play FRP and much more. There was also a pretty sundial which I liked, and next time I’ll be sure to bring my camera with me, because they were so pretty ^^

By the way, entering the Pera Museum is only 3 liras for students and 5 liras per person for other people. So it’s quite cheap and worth paying for to see those wonderful collections.