I was just looking at some of my older blog posts – I know I haven’t been updating, for some reason neither blogspot nor wordpress loads from home (we are really contemplating changing our internet service provider since that isn’t the only problem we are having at the moment) – Anyway I came across this one about pixel illustrations of the star wars characters and it reminded this video so here you go:

As a bonus (and for an apology for being absent for a long while, here is a great illustration from Ulises Farinas, also featuring Tattooine. (click on the image for the hi-res version)



Here is a design by TO-GENKYO, a label which shows how fresh meat is inside its packaging. It’s still in development and isn’t in market, but I really would love to see it on shelves in a few years. Moreover, the label changes color so that the barcode couldn’t be read due to the pattern change when the meat isn’t fresh anymore, so that the customer wouldn’t unknowingly buy rotten meat. Found on bigumigu.