So my friend Pınar showed me a pretty good wallpaper website, and I am sure you’ll like it. The wallpapers are in good quality, and here are two I downloaded – I made Yotsuba-chan my wallpaper and Hatsune Miku my google background. (oh and yes, you can change your google page background by clicking on the text “Change background image” on the lower left of the page)


Making Future Magic: IPad light painting

Check this out: making 3D texts, making an iPad display it slowly from the side, and shooting them in long exposure with a camera, by the group called Dentsu London. Not exactly what I would call genius, but a pretty damn good idea for light painting ^^ I love their concept and their name, “Making Future Magic“.

revised layout plan – with boxes!

The blue boxes are text boxes. The green boxes will be the image locations. The dark blue boxes are headers.

Btw, I am making the magazine 22×30, and the spread is 44×60. Didn’t get to explain that yesterday, you know. Anyway other details are on the pdf which is located in my previous post.