I was just looking at some of my older blog posts – I know I haven’t been updating, for some reason neither blogspot nor wordpress loads from home (we are really contemplating changing our internet service provider since that isn’t the only problem we are having at the moment) – Anyway I came across this one about pixel illustrations of the star wars characters and it reminded this video so here you go:

As a bonus (and for an apology for being absent for a long while, here is a great illustration from Ulises Farinas, also featuring Tattooine. (click on the image for the hi-res version)


Planetarium plagiarized?

I was really surprised when I found out that one of my favorite songs, プラネタリウム (Planetarium), from the 花より男子 (Hana Yori Dango) soundtrack by 大塚 愛 (Ai Otsuka) was accused of being plagiarized. More to add to my surprise was that it was accused of being ripped off from another of my favorites, 素敵だね (Suteki da ne) – the theme song from the Final Fantasy X game developed by Square Enix, sung by 中野 律紀 (Nakano Ritsuki – more commonly known as Rikki).

The two songs have very similar melodies and lyrics. The videos also share similarities. Although it is not clear if this was intentional, though I seriously doubt after watching both the music videos that it could be unintentional, it is commonly believed that Ai Otsuka used this song as a homage to Rikki.

Here is Ai Otsuka’s Planetarium video being compared with Rikki’s video

Seems like what we are trying to do

I found a video and photographs from an installation named “Disturb me Brussels”, which was a one-time event for plastic whitehotel brussels.

It really looks fun, and it is a bit similar to the installation we are planning for my course called Interaction Design, VA444. Me and my project group will be making an installation using different projectors on different walls, and we will be connecting the images and designing the visuals as well.

Here are the photos from the installation:

and here is the video:


TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, browser-based to-do app and the first collaboration between studio-mates swissmiss and Fictive Kin .

The idea was to build a bare-bones, but visually compelling and highly usable to-do app.

Features include:

– week overview
– check off done tasks
– delete tasks
– move tasks
– someday bucket”

    Here’s the introduction video for TeuxDeux.


    Consollection features a great gallery of video-console, from Pong to the Wii. A nice overview of original designs and packagings, also available as printed book. I love how the site’s homepage is designed like a typology study.