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Project Proposal for VA 401-402

So here is the more detailed version of my project proposal that I have posted on my drupal blog created for VA 401-402 (which is my senior year project studio course). I will try update my wordpress blog about the project too, since I don’t really like posting on drupal yet. Here is the link for the more detailed proposal (which is still incomplete at the moment)

Project Proposal_detailed

Surreal Storage

I was looking through my blog stats when I saw somebody reached my link from my friend İçten’s friendfeed (İçten’s blog is right here, İçten’s friendfeed is here).  These cabinets, dressers, bookcases etc. reminds me of Wonderland… They were created by Vincent Thomas Leman, who is a craft artist.

According to Dornob (a site that offers “daily new design ideas”), “Despite their twists and turns, each drawer can be pulled and each cabinet opened.” I was shocked when I read that particular sentence, because I had initially thought that these storage elements were part of some kind of an artwork, and wasn’t meant for being used. Wow.